International Journal of Control and Automation (IJCA)

On the control systems front, the research interests of the group include applications of control theories such as robust control, linear and non linear control, intelligent techniques (fuzzy logic and neural networks), adaptive control, sliding mode control, etc, to modern areas such as robotics, mobile robots, consensus and cooperation among multiple agents, quadrotors, and all-wheel independent drive electric vehicles. On the instrumentation front, the research interests of the group include smart and intelligent sensors, virtual instrumentation, intelligent systems and modeling, soft-computing, data mining, machine learning, brain-computer interface, computer vision, intelligent informatics, intelligent condition-based monitoring, computational intelligence, business intelligence, and related applications in various domains. The faculty members have multiple projects funded by government and private agencies, and are working on them with active support from students.

International Journal of Control and Automation (IJCA) ISSN 2005-4297 is published by Science and Engineering Research Support Society (SERSC). The journal is open access and available electronically around the world.

Scopus Indexed Journal available at https://www.scopus.com/sourceid/21100197912  . Researchers can find the IJCA Journal Journal Home Page with Issues and Archives at  https://serscjournals.org/index.php/ijca/ 
UGC Approved Journal no. 2802 at https://www.ugc.ac.in/journallist/ IJCA is working for publication and promotion of research through https://www.ijcajournal.com/ throughout the world. Scholars are requested to submit papers for publication in Scopus Indexed and UGC Approved journal - IJCA
Email to submit Papers for publication is editor@serscjournals.org  
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